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Measure and Optimize Your Employee Well-being


Great leaders understand the importance of high-functioning individuals and teams to the success of their organizations.

The Positive Workplace Framework is a scientific approach that helps organizations accurately measure their workplace culture and take strategic action across three key areas: mental fitness, resiliency and positive leadership. Detailed reports including the overall workplace Well-Being Index (WBI) support organizations in their efforts.


Your Organization's

Well-Being Index:




Assessment Insight  Packages

Advanced Insights
Advanced Insights+

Administer an organization-wide administered MFRI (Mental Fitness and Resiliency Inventory). Your organization's WBI (Well-Being Index) will be scored and a comprehensive report with strategic recommendations will be delivered to your leadership group. 

All elements of the Advanced Insights package are included. A second MFRI (post evaluation) is also included in this package and is recommended to be administered 12 months after the baseline assessment is completed. Pre- and Post-testing allows for your organization to track the impact of strategic initiatives as it relates to employee well-being.

PWF Complete Insights Package

All elements of the Advanced Insights+ package are included. You will also receive an organization-wide Positive Leadership Inventory (PLI) baseline assessment, as well as a post evaluation after 12 months. While the MFRI provides insight into your workplace culture, the PLI provides feedback to individual leaders in your organization regarding their leadership practices. 

Training Packages

Positive Workplace Framework Courses

Positive Workplace Framework train-the-trainer courses are designed for the busy professional. All courses are asynchronous (self-study) and allow users to complete interactive and dynamic learning modules at a flexible pace. Four courses are available, covering the following areas: 

  • Mental Fitness Practices

  • Team Resiliency Practices

  • Positive Leadership Practices

  • Measuring and Building Positive Workplace Environments

Positive Workplace Framework Practitioner Certificate

The Positive Workplace Framework Practitioner Certificate Program provides access to all four self-study courses and awards individuals with the PWF Practitioner Certificate upon completion. Certified practitioners will receive lifetime access to all PWF Platform tools and resources. 

Discounts are available to organizations certifying multiple practitioners. 

Custom Workshops

In these custom sessions, our highly trained team will deliver sessions (either online or in-person) covering a variety of topics including: 

  • How your organization can leverage MFRI and PLI data to understand what drives your employees.

  • How your organization can leverage MFRI and PLI data to create strategy to promote and embed positive workplace practices leading to higher levels of employee engagement lower levels of workplace related stress, disengagement and absenteeism.

  • Train the trainer/Positive Workplace Practitioner intensive Certification courses. 


A bit about us

THE PWF Origin Story

Created and developed by Dr. Bill Morrison and Dr. Patricia Peterson of the University of New Brunswick, the Positive Workplace Framework (PWF) assists organizations in implementing evidence-informed positive psychology practices that contribute to healthy and effective workplace environments. The PWF is data-driven and provides a cost-effective strategic tool for:

  •   Increasing employee wellbeing, engagement and performance
  •   Lowering costs related to absenteeism, stressful workplace                         interactions and low productivity

It all starts with the MFRI (Mental Fitness and Resiliency Inventory). Your employees will take an 8-minute questionnaire that looks at mental fitness and resiliency practices in your workplace. You will receive a detailed report which includes the workplace Well-Being Index (WBI) and specific recommendations based on your results that will allow you to build on existing strengths to address gaps in your workplace culture.

Simply put, we provide insights that empower your leadership to foster and sustain environments that are conducive to employee flourishing. We are proud to say that we've been part of hundreds of success stories across both public and private sectors!  

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Our mission is to demystify the process of building and sustaining positive workplace environments to support organizations in fostering employee well-being. We seek to be a beacon of light in this space and provide a functional, data-driven, and pragmatic suite of strategic solutions. 


The Positive Workplace Framework (PWF) includes two validated questionnaires, the Mental Fitness and Resiliency Inventory (MFRI) and the Positive Leadership Inventory (PLI) that provide a clear and detailed profile of the presence of mental fitness, resiliency and positive leadership practices in your workplace. PWF data helps you plan activities and accurately monitor progress related to embedding mental fitness, resiliency and positive leadership practices in your workplace.


Both questionnaires are completed online by participants in approximately 8 minutes. Aggregate results are analyzed producing personalized workplace reports for each unit within an organization. Reports are accompanied by a set of strategic recommendations that will empower leaders to build on existing strengths and close gaps related to a wide range of issues focusing on employee well-being, engagement and performance.

Click here to access the peer reviewed MFRI validation article in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management.

Read about the PWF and MFRI in this brief from the Council of Ministers of Education Canada.


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