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Positive Leadership Inventory

The Positive Leadership Inventory (PLI) assesses the presence of positive leadership practices associated with healthy and effective workplace environments. 

Completed by managers and leaders, the PLI-Self Report provides personal perspectives on the use of positive leadership practices.

The PLI 360 is completed by employees or team members, and provides 360 feedback on the use of positive psychology practices in the workplace. The detailed PLI results report highlights areas of organizational strength and areas for development related to positive leadership practices.

The PLI can be used to document and monitor positive leadership practices and assist in reducing costs associated with stressful interactions, attendance problems and loss of productivity.


Personal perspectives on positive leadership practices. Click to download


Use personal checklists to make positive changes in your workplace. Click to download

PLI 360

Detailed reports highlighting areas of organizational strength and opportunities for development. Learn more about our products and pricing.

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